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Designed for non-complex tenders

No more Excel files and hours spent comparing offers.
Switch to Poddium and gain efficiency and security.

Poddium's role

Time saving

Poddium saves you time from the writing of the specifications to the choice of the supplier thanks to the algorithm of classification.

One platform

No more dispersion, all your documents and information related to your tender in one place.

Ethical choice

Your choice will be guided solely by your expressed needs and the answers provided by each supplier.

Companies sometimes have problems creating a real specification. Poddium will offer a real advantage ! Comparing offers and selecting partners becomes easier!

Jean-Baptiste Collin
Jean-Baptiste Collin
Purchasing Manager F2J Reman

Two complementary roles

You have the possibility of being a buyer and also a supplier with Poddium, you choose your side!
Find the right partner


A buyer is a person who invites tenders and consults suppliers from Poddium.

Objective choice


Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Respond effectively


As a partner, you respond to the tender shared by the buyer. You are guided in the response and can show all your added value to the project.

Easy answer

Neutral choice


Four accurate steps

In only four steps, you have all the cards to select your ideal partner !
Why Poddium ?

Poddium makes you more powerful in the management of your calls for tender

safer than Excel and email process


Frequently asked questions about the marketplace. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our team.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try Poddium for free for 7 days.
What role do I have by default?
By default you have both roles included in your subscription.
Can I import my specification templates?
This feature is under development. Join the community to be informed of updates.

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